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Marilyn Barrack (Trustee/Chairperson)

Marilyn is a primary school teacher from Cardiff. In her younger days she was a frequent visitor to the Elenydd hostels and she has particularly enduring memories of Christmas parties at Ty'n Cornel with the Cardiff YHA Group. She was devastated to hear that the last 3 hostels were to close in 2006 and arranged the public meeting which led to the setting up of the Trust.

Marilyn is proud to be Welsh and has a strong interest in the Welsh culture and language. She has been learning to speak Welsh for the last 6 years and enjoys using it when she visits mid-Wales. She loves the peace and solitude of the Elenydd, especially Dolgoch where she finds 'peace for the soul'!


Nicola Price (Trustee/Dolgoch Deputy Manager)

Nicola lives near Pontypridd and loves walking in the hills and mountains of Wales, especially along the beautiful and peaceful Doethie Valley near Ty'n Cornel. She visited the Elenydd hostels in 2005 when they were still owned by the YHA, and was so sad to hear that they would be closing that she decided to get involved in the Trust.

She's a volunteer warden, helps to organise the working parties, and became Dolgoch assistant manager in 2010. Since becoming a trustee in 2012, her aim has been to ensure that Dolgoch and Ty'n Cornel continue to remain successful for many years to come.

Janet Richard

Janet (Secretary) and Richard Hollins (Ty'n Cornel Manager)

Janet and Richard have been visiting the Elenydd hostels since the mid 1980s and have served as volunteer wardens at Ty'n Cornel since 1992. They originally met through the Worcester YHA group, which they now take on regular working parties to the hostels. Janet is secretary of the Trust and Richard is the manager of Ty'n Cornel.

Janet is a librarian whose first job was in the college library at Lampeter. Richard is a research physicist who grew up on a farm and thus appreciates the contact with the working countryside that he gets through the hostels. Both are keen walkers and are particularly fond of the Doethie valley near Ty'n Cornel.


Steve Griffith (Trustee)

The magic of the Elenydd captured Steve over 30 years ago when he stayed at Ty'n Cornel on an early cycle tour, and he explored the area further when he was a student at Aberystwyth. He is chairman of the Rough Stuff Fellowship and has ridden, dragged, pushed and carried his bike around most parts of mid-Wales. He says "I never go for a walk without my bike." His favouite routes are the Doethie, the upper Tywi with its numerous unbridged crossings, and the ancient road over Carn Ricet.

Steve has been a volunteer warden for the past 15 years and is vice chairperson of the Trust. He has worked in various managerial roles for the Royal Mail, including that of Travelling Post Manager in the latter days of the mail trains.


Derek Edwards (Trustee)

Derek is a Camarthenshire exile whose Elenydd connections started with a wartime school trip to Rhandirmwyn. Solo cycle excursions followed, along unsurfaced tracks and across unbridged rivers. He spent the summer of 1954 wardening Blaencaron youth hostel and exploring the surrounding wilderness, then unforested, on foot and cycle.

Now principally a walker, Derek considers the view of the river Doethie from the Nantllwyd track to represent one of those truly unforgettable moments in life. His ambition is to see Dolgoch and Ty'n Cornel remain open for future generations and, with ten grandchildren of his own, he is a very committed trustee!


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